Monday 3 April 2017


I am just wondering. It's something about love, yes love. Had a dialogue...a close friend, and we couldn't agree on same stand. Is love attached to (or commanded by) values?
Years ago I loved someone( well...that's my best description of what I felt for her), and she loved me too(I believe she did). We were 'just friends' and tried to bring out the best in each other, while holding with creedal affinity unto caution, lest bad things happen. Well, she came into my life because she wanted to learn more about God(please, don't laugh.) and soon emotions began to build(of course communication sponsors emotion, and we spoke everyday).
One day I asked her a simple question; 'What will you do when you get what you are looking for(by becoming my friend)?'
She replied, 'I will leave.'
Now, my little experience has shown me that her straight-to-the-business approach sometimes works; it helps to prevent 'extra-mural activities' and to focus on purpose. But then back to love...I have seen several other persons come and 'leave'-to borrow her terms-the moment they got what they wanted or the moment they thought I had either lost it or had no more to offer. I have passed people on the street and they pretend they never knew you while only the previous semester they were begging to have you put them through a course or some other issue. Yes, there are some now who still come around, but how sure am I that it's only because they have not gotten what they are looking for.
One day I had to ask myself;
Assuming you had no talents, no comeliness, no nothing, assuming all you had to offer was an empty you, would anybody love emptiness? would anybody take notice? would anybody show attention? Would anybody love you?
We love God because He is good, but would we still love him when we don't see his goodness? Would we love him when there are no values to attach our love to?
Would we love God just because He is God?
Look around you and see the way we treat people we believe 'have nothing to offer'. I have been a victim too. Can I shake my Hausa gateman the same way I would shake Dangote? No. Would I offer an ugly girl a lift? No. How about a beautiful girl? Yes, and I would on the A.C for her too.
 My question remains 'whether for God or man, must love always be attached to values?'

What do you think?


  1. Please, do leave your comment.

  2. Quite a difficult task...Loving without attribute.

    Nice post brother!

  3. I strongly believe you on the issue of love.

    For I as a person I take the word"love" extremely serious I don't casually mention it to anyone for talk sake. And when I eventually do I really mean it.
    Love holds a lot more than the eye meets .

  4. You certainly hit the nail on the head with this one. As ugly as it seems, The amount or degree of love one gets to enjoy (in this libertine age)is directly proportional to the degree of value one possess or represents.. that value could be money,influence, intelligence, talent and what not. That is just how the wprld works. nice observation and nice diction, it was really spot on.