Thursday 23 March 2017


Yes, they are HARDENED criminals.
They robbed your house on Monday night, took your Plasma TV, came back on Tuesday morning to take the remote.
Yes, they are HARDENED, depraved, disrespectful, incorrigible and any other negative adjective you might want to pull out.
Yes, remember the rape incident, that street girl who was raped by some HARDENED criminals? Yes, she didn't abort, she put to bed a bouncing baby boy, and not only her; many her type in circumstance and situation also did put to bed. Unwanted pregnancies-not unwanted babies.
Yes, the babies grew into little boys, little, and with enough intelligence to recognize their biting circumstances, and with just enough strength to do little jobs, and when there were none, to beg for what to eat. They roamed around University main gates, they roamed along major roads, you oozed Pears baby jelly, frankincense, and other wonderful fragrance, but they oozed nature tinged with some filth, they stretched out their dingy little hands towards you when you halted in the traffic, you spewed out a curse and ahead ahead, they moved on to the next car.
Then they grew, grew stronger muscles and hungrier bellies, and with enough strength to do heavier jobs, many saw the pay of crime and were broken into the craft. Yes, now they are HARDENED criminals, out on a socioeconomic revanché.
Yes, they could have become doctors, engineers, lawyers or historians, but nursed by poverty, and sired by violence, they now are HARDENED criminals.
Yes, they are HARDENED criminals, they will soon rape some street girls and copulate another baby boy to continue the cycle, they will soon rob a bank, or your home(snap your fingers and say 'God forbid')...
But years ago you didn't show a little kindness, years ago you didn't pay a child's school fees, years ago you spewed out a curse at his dingy hands and he ran away, ran away to grow stronger muscles.
Now that the nuzzle of his gun is at the back of your head, do remember that he is a HARDENED criminal and hand in the TV remote.

_Okwuchukwu Augustine Ndulue.


  1. What you asserted is what is happening but most people are not aware....

  2. That's just the vicious cycle resulting from our indifference towards making a difference. I wish the whole world will get to see this.

    We are not justifying their actions of choosing crime. Rather we believe that if we had tried a little kindness (just like Mary Mckee and Glen sang) we could help them in making better choices in life.

    *Dr. Flynn*

  3. Thanks to you all for your comments. I really appreciate. If we can't change the whole world,at least let's change 'our own world'.

  4. Nice! There are so many preventive measures for these issues, but we can do our part where it counts.