Saturday 14 October 2017


Let’s get up close and personal, Is love really enough? Interesting topic, right? My best friend who was really in love with this guy had to force stop a potential marriage from taking place because they found out that they were both of the AS genotype. They had kick started their relationship on positive vibes, both down for really spontaneous adventures; they were the perfect couple, fell in love too easily and practically didn’t bother about asking about each other’s genotypes because they felt that God wouldn’t bring such a person to cross their paths if he hadn’t planned the whole process. But they were wrong, one fine evening, they got to know they shared similar genotypes and would run a risk of giving birth to a child with the SS genotype, if they chose to ignore the risks involved and follow through with taking their relationships a step further; I ask again, is love really enough?  I know of a couple who were and are still madly in love with each other, but they had to go their separate ways because class and conventions forbade them from getting married. Is love really enough? 
Love in its right meaning should be unconditional and impartial, it should supersede all things, even the holy bible mentions that love is the principal thing. However, factors like the human rationale, conventions, class structures, religious differences, among others has acted as impediments to the true meaning of love. Is love really enough? I have been opportune to be at the heart of  the formation of various relationships, and while most of them have met their end, one or two has lasted for a period , the question will be, what triggered the longevity of these relationships? Is it love? Or are they just trying to survive? Does true love exist? The truth is when two people who are in love with each other decide to go into a relationship, the factor that will be responsible for its longevity during the first few months or years could be and should be love. Subsequently, as they grow deeper together, what will determine its longevity, aside the love factor will include, commitment, and the will to make the relationship work by both parties. Is love really enough? Hell no! despite the fact that there are external factors that could hinder the bloom of love, internal factors play a major role for any relationship to work. There will be need for a great deal of patience, commitment, trust, respect, mental and emotional will to make the relationship work by putting in conscious and sub- conscious effort(s) to its growth and development. So, my advice to the young ones out there who are quick to fall in love (I’m totally feeling like an old woman right now), do not go into a relationship if you are not willing to put conscious effort(s) towards its growth and development, because, the truth of the matter is, love really isn’t enough. 
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  1. Nice piece...the question I often ask myself is even if love was enough,can it survive the test of time and change. This will eventually still land in the infinitesimal existence of love. So,my submission would be should I need to really love I need all my being to be in love and be loved not a partial and temporary affair. Simply put, in a relationship all the good and otherwise should be in an agreeable coexistence.

  2. Nice piece...I has always pondered on that myself. I believe also that for a relationship to work, it takes more than love, it takes a decision ; to be with this person no matter what, even if better options come around. And that decision, I mean the ability to abide by that decision is what makes a relationship last..

  3. Well said...
    Indeed love is not just enough,a great deal of emotional intelligence comes to play in any potential relationship