Monday 20 March 2017


I am a lover boy. I love to dream. I love to sing and I love to tell of dreams and songs.
I cannot dream alone nor sing to trees and tell to nothing of dreams and songs, and so I need a lover too, one who would love to be with a lover boy who loves to dream, who loves to sing and who loves to tell of dreams and songs. And when I saw my need, I thought about you.
And so it was that you would come in my dreams of the night and visions of the day. You-the one who loved to be with me would come and seize my imaginations. I could not describe the face but I knew I would know when you surfaced. I knew you would have her form, her voice and demeanor, and I knew you would love to be with me- a lover boy who loves to dream, who loves to sing and who loves to tell of dreams and songs.
Imagine the wonder when my eyes fell on you. It was too good to be true.
I thought I had created you in my imagination and that you only lived in my dreams and came in my visions but when I knew your age I saw that you had come before me, my angel to lead me in the way. And so I searched my dreams and searched my visions for the prototype-it was the perfect match, and though love is blind I was a one-eyed lover.
 The planets alligned-Mercury leading the way, the gods celebrated when you got on my stage, you sat on my seat and wrote on my desk. Around the sun, you are hottest and first in line, but too first class and first in class.
Beyond the ifs and whens, I thought it was now about who wanted it most. Patience was key but also a lock. I wanted to have your ears, to tell tales of dreams and songs of you, and to sing songs of dreams and tales of you.
Patience won again as I was not the first to sing or tell a was about keys opening the right locks, unlocking the right doors, pressing the right buttons, greasing the right palms, warming to the right heart and praying the right gods to answer the right prayers.
When all was right, it was alright. We ticked the boxes, crossed our Tiiis and for our eyes, there were winks.
There were seasons and patches, times of dust and of rain drops, hazy mornings and blizzard nights, but cupid had taken my golden arrows and shot into your heart. It didn't matter if we danced in the rain or fainted in the sun, day or night, blue or red, we were safe in each other's heart.
Together we sang for joy, together we counted the stars, our luck and blessings one by one, and we counted our mother twice while at it.
Together we dreamt, together we cried, we played and prayed, kissed and hugged.
But he came along...and she came too.
We snapped out of fantasy, we frowned at our weaknesses, we quarrelled, we fought and in our separation I wondered if it was really you, I wondered if it was me. I wondered how things could so easily have changed. I thought of the days when even a blank wall or paper was an interesting topic between us. But those days had gone into the crevices of memory, to be treasured or forgotten.
Everything is fair in love and war, and so while we made up, you did your make up and walked out, out of my dreams, out of my visions, out of my stage, out of my songs, and out of my tales. Soon, you'll walk down with him again, and while at it, I, stranded and cold in the woods, would wonder after singing to the trees and telling tales to nothing about this dream, 'Are you the one or do I expect another?'.

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