Friday 1 December 2017


I was told of a man who called himself God. He had lived for what seemed like forever. Folks claim he made and controlled everything. So, seeing that everything and everyone were out of control, I set out on a quest to find the man and ask questions of Him. Why had He left His creation to suffer and wade in troubled waters? Maybe He was taking a break. Maybe He had died and left the yard under the supervision of incompetent caretakers. I was going to find out.
I got His address from a friend who believed in Him with every fibre of his being. Then, I went to His house to look for Him. I saw people talking to His pictures and statues as if He was present in the house. Some were singing His praises. Others were speaking in different languages. It was a whole circus. It was no surprise He was not there in their midst. The people had driven Him out of His house with all that noise. He hovered over the house and watched in disappointment at the caretakers who had taken advantage of His absence to make good livings for themselves. 
Apart from the racket coming from within the house, the fumes from the SUVs driven by the caretakers and the deafening sound of their private jets intensified the noise and distracted the guests who came to see Him in His house. And after their shenanigans, these people leave His house just to realize that they had been scammed. Their lives had actually gotten worse because they had spent all their capital on the caretakers and beautifying His house instead of investing in themselves. Then out of frustration, they take to the streets.
In the streets, the angry guests target the real caretakers. This is because folk tend to look for whom to blame for their poor choices. They attack the caretakers and haul insults at them just to see if they will react and give them a reason to justify their mischief. In an attempt to push the caretakers to the wall, people go to different extremes even beyond their own imaginations. They challenge Him to show himself but He doesn’t show himself to them. So, they get angry and hurl stones at His house. They write fake stories about Him and hope He responds or reacts. But all this time He remains out of sight and wouldn’t intervene. 
Even when the guests finally run out of caretakers to torment and turn against each other, He still stays in His hiding place. It then gets so bad that He decides it is too much for Him and He leaves them alone. The guests start uncovering the answers to the questions the caretakers dismissed as mysteries, and all of a sudden, they think they are now equals with Him. In His absence, they have found a replacement – themselves. They do not need Him anymore and then they go out on one last attempt to completely eliminate Him so that they will exonerate themselves of all personal responsibility to one another. In the process, they kill the idea of Him. To kill a man, you just need to kill him in the minds of people who know him. That is what the guests did to God since they couldn’t find Him.
 But the problem is, God is no man and so cannot be killed. I finally found Him in the places where the guests had relegated him to – the heart of a few folks is where He still dwells. Many of the guests will still try to kill the folks who harbor Him in their hearts. But they are too many of them to kill all at once. 
By the time I completed my search, I found out that some people had never even heard of this man. Some people have become too arrogant and narcissistic that they think they are actually worth more than their actual value. Now they grow bigger and their egos start to collide, but since they have killed the man who unified them all under one umbrella of mutual love and respect, there is no one to make sense of the debacle in which they found themselves. Since they have destroyed his mansion, there is no more beacon of light to show the way. The house used to be a safe haven but now that the angry men have been left to roam, there was nowhere to run to.
Now they are screaming for Him to come back. But how do you resurrect a dead man whom you killed because you didn’t believe he could resurrect his own son? 


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