Tuesday 14 November 2017


If there is one unique personality trait I totally admire about persons born in the month of March, it is how much of a silly observer we can be at times. Its silly because of this natural mastery we posses in being able to read peoples minds and possibly predict their next thought, move or reaction with only a 'Hello' or an 'Hi'. In most cases, we are never wrong with our predictions, except, of course, we fall (headlong) in love. However, many of my 'colleagues' don't find this gift rather helpful and seldom put it to good use but certainly not me. This is why lately, one would realize that many, with the hopeless intention of leaving some of us groping in the dark like confused rodents as to the content of their discussions, resort to communicating in codes. 

So you walk right into your hostel after a fabulously hectic day one fine evening to catch your seven 'roomies' so engrossed in 'dirty' ladies talk that they begin to refer to certain unmentionables in coded languages just because "Sister Christiana is around, we must not corrupt her" and you're like: "Somebody help me with a rifle". At that point you do not need a prophet to tell you that the intention was to make a jackass out of you but you stand there wearing a lazy smile just wandering who the bigger fool was.

You know, its funny how some persons think that wearing the badge of Christianity can also be equated with bearing a medal of foolishness and naivety around.

I got talking with some dear friends sometime ago and in between our random discussions, I could notice that they had begun to transcend practically from my realm. I mean, this time, it became a conversation not suitable for listeners under the age of eighteen. My presence made terms like Tramadol censored and replaced with the letter 'T' and I could only shake my head in disgust.

Truth is, many persons don't just have an idea of what we have been, who we have been and where we have been at some points in our lives. A good number of us lived under the ferocious Babylonian system where we didn't forget to learn their patterns, behaviours, mannerisms and language!

So, if we tell you we spent sleepless nights on pornographic sites and busied our lives with Mills and Boon; that we watched all that reality TV shows and Channel O had to offer and always kept up with the Kardashians; that we were survivors of some sorts: masturbation, lesbianism, pornography, drugs, atheism, whoredom and everything secular, maybe you would realize that we have not always been like this and so censoring your language does not protect us. 

We had enough of Babylon that we left the residues to fix our gaze on Zion and going back is not an option.

So, the next time you attempt to talk in codes and we happen to smile off, be sure to know that it has absolutely nothing to do with being naïve. It is only what dangerous people do.