Monday 2 October 2017


Memories are feelings that never change even though people change. It is so close you can almost be there; maybe that's because you were there once and while the physical world may change with time, the psychic one maintains. More often than not, the nagging attention that life demands on a daily basis causes us to abandon memories that command as much relevance as our future ambitions. For some persons reminiscing happens rather unconsciously and so why make a fuss about it, but for many of us it goes beyond an unconscious to a deliberate act (more like we reminisce for a living). You want to ransack the house in search of old stuffs and inhale the acrid smell of dusty antique. You want to listen to old music and see childhood movies once again. You want to visit your mum's primary school and see your dad's youthful pictures. You want a decade to flash past in just one minute and etcetera. Suddenly, the recess of your mind can be compared to a box filled with ghosts many of which don't want you dead only that you come back "home" on a rain-drenched moment in time that you might cherish something outside of now and remember that nothing is constant, spooky right?

Well, I still don't know what they call people like us, (I know I belong partly to this group) but I sure know we exist. Many will choose to call us weird but I beg to disagree and here's why.

It is not enough that we remember our pasts either deliberately or not deliberately and in fact settle to rely on experiential knowledge about them but that we must also seek to appreciate them and create stories out of them. Sometimes, I wonder God's intention for depositing inside of us the ability to raise departed times instead of allowing memories pass with the dawning of a new day. The answer is not far fetched as the author of Christianity and Greek Philosophy, B.F (Benjamin Franklin) Cocker rightly posits ; "Is God not only the creator but the conservator of all things?" 

Question is why must I choose to lightly esteem what the creator does not consider 'a waste of precious time'? What then must I do with them?

Here's what you must do. Once in a while, take an unrestricted stroll into your storehouse of memories (with a cup of tea), spot your favourite, pleasant and even unpleasant moments, (The first day you met hubby, times you were once a slave to an addiction, when we were no bodies) dust them, cherish and appreciate them and please don't stop there, create epic memoirs out of them even as you envisage a more pleasant future. Migwor!


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