Sunday 15 October 2017


Who is God to you?  How do you relate with him behind the pulpit and outside the pew.  He is the *I am that I am*(Exodus 3:14)  meaning whatever you say *I am*,   that's what I am.  If you say he's helper he becomes helper to you , if you see him as teacher he begins to unravel the depths of scriptures to you, if you see him as a friend,  he walks with you all the way,  if you call him healer,  he  stretches his right hand of power to heal.

Every man in scripture who encountered God showed us that God had dimensions by which he revealed himself.
 Unto Joshua he showed up with the sword and presented himself as the captain of the Army of Israel. But unto Moses he showed up as consuming fire.... Unto Gideon he came as the mighty bread that was rolling in the camp .
 And for everytime he revealed himself in a different regalia it was to perform a different function....   Often times God will reveal himself to you in proportion to your dynamic situation. 
       There was a time I needed real help,  issues , debts etc and he revealed himself to me as *PREVAILER* I checked the dictionary and it meant (one who always prevails)  I had peace and came out of the trial without hurt  So stop limiting him, don't make it look like he's a revealer but not a deliverer,  don't make him look like a teacher and not a shepherd.  He might have been the helper to you for so long ,  it's time to explore the other facets of his multidimensional being.  Let him be your everything. So it's easy to see some believers who see visions but are still struggling with sickness,  others prophesy but are still oppressed in the dream. Such persons need a new revelation as to who God is in that area of their need,  because revelation brings emancipation.  God bless you. 

Dear Lord,  please reveal your self to me in a new dimension that will effect my runaround in Jesus name. 

*_Raphael Agadama*

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