Sunday 8 October 2017


Research has it that Rat poison is 99% food and one percent poison. 
But that 1% can drop a dull fledged man dead.  Funny isn't it,  the little –little sins have great potency to destroy although accompanied with so much pleasure,  they come back to hack us in the back like a serial killers dagger.  Well here's a poem I wrote :

                    Sweet Poison 
Bitter sweet just like rat poison
One single act and you're in prison
Force so compulsive you can even do it with your cousin
Speeding in reckless abandon with no thought or reason

Take a pause , is this a dream?
Sweet just like milk
Silky and greasy the exchange of passion
Lets have fun, cool of the tension they say

You heard the bees buzz
With no hesitation you stretched forth -
Lusty hands for that transient honey comb
Trembling in ecstasy felling like the boss
But your'e just a pitiful rat 
Licking gutters for a sachet of milk- 
rat poison 

I hope you liked it?, the truth is that no matter how delicious rat poison seems to be,  it is only made that delicious to attract the prey. So the devil always throws the trick and ignorantly man catches the hook full of pleasure,  and gulps it in just too quickly before he realizes the hook.  So the next time you see that hot enchanting lady throwing her seductive  charms at you,  the next time you see an opportunity to cheat and another opportunity to extort and yet another opportunity to engage in nasty pleasures remember that 1% can kill.  Only Jesus can save. Say no to sweet poison.

***Raphael Agadama***

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