Wednesday 15 November 2017


Life presents itself with a variety of options coupled up in different conditions, sometimes it could be your pay day, and others may just be your "may day". But at every interval in the course of life we are faced with only two options; either to move forward or stay down, both having the inherent ability to envelope us and become our atmosphere. Every day we are faced with challenges of different sorts, but how we attend to them will shape our decisions and help us move to another stage either in victory or defeat. In the mind of every man is an ever brewing battle of good and evil, so at every point we have a decision to make to stay on the right course of stability and serenity if not we get demoralized and it evidently becomes a sequence of distress that keeps us down in the pool of self-pity and resentment. Each decision is a map to success or demotion in our lives, so in everything the decision you make determines the next phase you venture into. In the heated moment of an argument, in the face of opposition and failures, in the moment of despair; decide to move forward despite your present status. There is a saying that “when you hit rock  bottom the only way left to go is UP”. Make the decision to do what is right, just and commendable. In no way should you cheat yourself out of the right decision by pressure, just know that every good turn deserves another; the right decision paves the way for the next one which produces a chain reaction of good decisions. So whats your decision? 
The rumbling sound of indecision surmounts us every now and then leaving us with options, but how we know the more excellent option is another pressing issue. Options have a variety, possess strength and most importantly there are very conflicting, similar case of being caught between a rock and a hard place; bewildered on what to do. Ours is a life full of options, and right from the day we were born it was a battle of decisions both for our parents and ourselves when we attained unto knowledge and consciousness of our reality. The school we attend, the food we eat, the road path we take, the friends we make, all are a result of options. So then options are the genetic makeup of our decision, because there is no decision without preceding options surrounding it. Before every decision are options, and our pick determines the course of our decisions; the options are not easy to select between, they usually conflict our personality and flood us with disparity for one singular reason; our desires.
Humans are a consolidation of desires, every little bit of our actions are a function of what we desire, there is always an expected end to a desire; self-satisfaction and fulfilment. We acquire our desires based on what we see and hear, information cemented into knowledge and embedded in the seat of our minds fuels what we desire. Looking at the set of options we choose, it becomes evidently cleat the channels of our desires because the conflicting part of decision making and option selection is fighting what we want and what we are meant to do. A man once said, The things I am meant to do I find myself not doing them and the things I dont want to do I find myself doing them. Desires have the propensity to override our will and bring us into subjection to its tyrannical demands. Therefore I am convinced and move for the theory of Influence, there are several influences in the world today and of different sorts, but one thing is certain, there is nothing that is without influence. In Physics we learnt about the law of gravity and many other laws that govern literally the course of life as we know it, but now I want us to address a more or less conspicuous influence desire. Desires are all so consuming once they get a grip of our heart, they exercise their rule in a bid to get a quota of satisfaction from our slavery and keep demanding from us to pay taxes of indulgence.

Ever seen a dictator who cuts you some slack and says hey, you guys have worked so hard, have two months of holiday as a reward.? I doubt that because its an unending cycle of homage and no dictator wants to lose his slave-ridden subjects. Desires are dictators that will keep you under their reign until the cry of freedom rises in your heart and an ardent search for liberation from the abject state of slavery. But how does someone know he or she needs freedom unless he sees it, the advantage of the dictator is his viewpoint of his gain from the slavery. So therefore what we need is a new vantage point in other to see the peaks and terrain of freedom if not we remain there and stay there. The issue of sight is what grants a man the advantage of choice, when he sees and can measure his pros and cons; then he will be able to choose to his betterment, at least every sane person will make a choice to benefit himself. I believe that the way we go is the way we know, so every decision we make is as a result of our present sight and our sight does not go beyond our desires 

The decision is a very vital and determining factor in the life of every human, it plots a graph of our very existence and makes us into who we are. Over and over again we have to make a decision to move ahead in life, so we have no other choice but to do all diligence to make the right decision by cross-checking our desires and adjusting our sight.

***Emeka Acquaye Precious***

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